The Photography of Kenn Bisio

Don’t do what I do. Ever.

Except sometimes.

I could write a book on procrastination. But, then again, I’d probably never get around to it.

This is from 2017, recently processed.

I went to white light in my darkroom and when I saw this negative, I had no idea what it was or where I made it. But, coffee helps.

It took awhile to bend my mind to the way back as the cloud cleared in my head and I remembered this from Weston Beach at Point Lobos.

The exposed negative sat in a 4×5 film box marked “N,” for normal processing. Seven years it sat there. You see, I was too busy with all the important stuff I had to do at my university to care enough about my art. Oh, well. Times have changed. Maybe…

I have been retired for four years, come this May, and my 73-year old heart feels like it’s 23. When I retired from the university I also retired from Photojournalism. Or thought I did. It seems I will have an exhibit in Orvieto this Fall… once the contract is signed… or maybe not.

What I do have going for me is a renewed love of wandering and wondering. Seeing things fresh. Or is it freshly seeing? I dunno.

Working in my darkroom, using my 4×5 and 8×10 cameras fills me with life while simultaneously steals my breath. So, why leave film in a box to process for seven years? There were boxes of exposed film older than the one this image came from. I can’t fix stupid, but I can leave stupid in the dust.

All the film is now processed.

Don’t do what I do. Do what you do.

Zone VI 4×5 Field Camera, Delta 100, Rodinal 1-50, 11-minutes at 68 degrees, Schneider 210mm at 1/4 at f/45.

© Photo by Kenn Bisio. All rights reserved.

Don't do what I do. Do what you do.