The Photography of Kenn Bisio

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Broken Glass and Gears

Como, Colorado 2014

I love my Zone VI 4×5 Field Camera. Fred Picker did almost everything right, except to sell Zone VI Studios and all of its inventory to Calumet. He did pocket several million dollars, so it wasn’t all bad.

Using a view camera, any film camera, infers intent within the seer. Film is precious. Digital is a bunch of zeros and ones. When you score with digital, you’re Number 1. When you miss with digital, well, you know!!!

When I am under the dark cloth, I enter my world. By myself. And everything else is outside looking in. Including my dog who is usually curled up underneath my Zone VI wooden tripod.

What excitement flushed through my veins when I saw the broken piece of glass balanced on the edge of the tooth of that gear. And… by-the-way, I approach each subject with my cameras that are on tripods or handheld, my 35mm cameras, Hasselblad, Zone VI 4×5, and Sinar F 4×5 and 8×10, like I would as a photojournalist on the street. I never manipulate the composition. If a blade of grass is interfering in the frame, I move the tripod, I don’t pull the blade of grass from its roots. My work, my photographs, are found and captured, never contrived.


Digital Pigment Print $100
6×9 mounted and matted in 11×14

Silver Archival Gelatin Print $600
11×14 print is approximately 9×11.5
with a mount and mat of 16×20 on 4-ply
100 percent museum rag (archival)

Zone VI 4×5 Field Camera
210mm Schneider f/5.6 lens at f/45 and 1/15
TRI-X 400 at 800 (see my Film Speed test),
HC 110 Dilution B, at 68 degrees for 6 minutes