The Photography of Kenn Bisio


Crooked Window and Clouds

Como, Colorado 2009

I love this house in Como. I have been photographing it since 1981. There is so much to see in Como. What I cannot see is Como, Colorado was named after Lake Como in Italy. I have been to Lake Como. There are no similarities.

The Canon G10 camera is a wonderful little machine. Easy to tote and use. It only stops down to f/8, so, there’s that. But the glass is sharp, and it is digital and works just right for images like this.


Digital Pigment Print
6×9, mounted and matted on 11×14
100 percent museum rag (archival) board

Canon G10
100 ISO
30mm lens (or so, it’s a zoom)
f/8 and 1/3 under for saturation
1/500, Cloudy WB
Adobe RGB and always on Manual